api.voxie.com is protected by Bearer authorization (RFC7521) using JWT tokens (RFC7519, RFC7523).

Issuing and Access Token

An access token for api.voxie.com can be issued by using an API token generated for app.voxie.com. Visit https://app.voxie.com/settings#/api and generate a API token, $APITOKEN. Then use this to generate yourself an access token for api.voxie.com:

$ curl -H'Authorization: Bearer $APITOKEN' -H'Accept: application/json' -H'Content-Type: application/json' 'https://app.voxie.com/api/v3/teams/$TEAMID/issue-personal-access-token' --data '{"name": "My Access Token", "scopes": $SCOPES}'

where $TEAMID is your team ID and $SCOPES is a JSON array of the scopes you'd like to request. The available scopes are:

  • connections:read
  • connections:manage
  • contacts:read
  • contacts:manage
  • notifications:trigger
  • subscriptions:read
  • subscriptions:manage

These scopes are access controlled based on your role on the team. Our access tokens are valid for 4 hours. One should cache these tokens and re-use them. We will only issue up to 10 tokens per minute, per team.

Using an Access Token

Our access tokens are Bearer tokens, and can be used as follows, replacing $ACCESSTOKEN with your access token and $TEAMID with your team ID:

$ curl -H'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESSTOKEN' 'https://api.voxie.com/team/$TEAMID/subscriptions'